5 Best Websites to Find GIFs and Popular Do it GIFs?

GIFs are one of the best visual content. GIFs are mostly served as laughing materials that help the creators express their creativity in a smart way and viewers to enjoy and sometimes laugh out loud.

GIFs were originally invented in 1987 by CompuServe but they got their popularity from the mid-2000s. In this article, we will be looking at the 5 best websites to find GIFs and the most popular Do it GIFs.

Finding the right GIFs is a struggle when surfing web searches. This may take a lot of time and you may end up finding lame or casual GIFs that are none of your interest.

Actually, finding the rights GIFs shouldn’t be that much of a hard process. You just need to know the correct ways where to look for.

Here’re the best websites to find your favorite GIF and the most popular Do It GIFs:


GIPHY is one of the best search engines for GIFs. It gained its popularity by improving the integrations and creating extensions for suitable use. You can find your favorite interest-based GIFs by browsing its convenient and easy interface. It features Categories, where you can find your favorite GIFs and also the current popular Do It GIFs.

2. Tenor

Tenor is one of the biggest competitors of GIPHY. Although they are pretty similar with the search functions and layouts, however, when you type a similar GIF keyword in both the websites, the results are very much varied.

You can also use the relatable GIFs in a conversation with the Tenor GIF keyboard app. Whether you are using it on Android or iPhone, you will be able to share the GIFs with friends and family.

3. Reddit

Reddit is like the parent platform for GIFs you must have heard of. Not only one, but it offers several GIF subs which are called subreddits. You can find GIFs like Do It GIFs on Reddit from the internet’s deepest corner. Some say it’s a mess, some call it an obsession, but it is really a GIF den where you can find pure gold GIFs. Here are some of the GIFs subreddit recommendations, you can take note of:

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is actually a content writing platform where GIFs are crazily created and shared. Content writers on Tumblr use relevant GIFs with their articles for an interesting user experience. There are tons of funny GIFs shared every day that can make your day better. You can also find plenty of GIFs from various categories that also include popular Do It GIFs on Tumblr. Tumblr is only recommended when you don’t care about GIF categories because you will find all of them in one place.

5. Gfycat

Gfycat is another GIF factory where you can choose your favorite GIFs from the millions. Gfycat is one of the popular and user-friendly GIF sites, where you can not only find interested-based GIFs but also create GIFs from videos (having the potential of GIFs).

That’s it, that was all about the 5 best websites to find GIFs and popular Do It GIFs. We hope this article was helpful. If you liked our content do check out our other articles too like:

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