3 Easy Ways to Empty Trash on Android Phone? {2022}

How to Empty Trash on Android phone

Unlike Windows and Apple devices, there is no in-built recycle bin or trash folder on Android phones like in Samsung, MI, etc. The reason for that is the little storage space available in Android phones. Therefore, it is not safe to have a dedicated folder for trash and deleted files from where you can get … Read more

What is ChocoEUkor App? How to Remove it?

What is ChocoEukor App

If you are a Samsung or Mi Android phone user then you might have seen an app named “ChocoEUkor” or “ChocoEUkor Bloatware” pre-installed on your android phone. You might have wondered why it is here?, what is its work on the phone? and the most rumored one, Does it steal my phone data? To answer … Read more

What is com.wssyncmldm? All your Questions Answered {2022}


All Android phones have apps that are running in the background even if you are not using your phone. These apps must run in order to fetch notifications, calls, messages, and for the ideal working of your phone. But not only the important apps, there are also some unnecessary apps that only take up your … Read more

What is com.android.vending? How to Fix It? {2022}


Before we jump to the fix for com.android.vending. Let’s first understand the term com android vending, what it means, and also the reason ‘why this error appears on your Android phone screen. Let’s go, What is com.android.vending? Com Android Vending is an installer name for Google’s Android platform where the syntax com.android.vending provides Android system … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected?

Mobile Network State Disconnected

If you are an Android user, you must have gone through the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” problem at least once. This issue is very common among Android phone users. There are several reasons why this error appears but the outcome remains the same which is, it blocks internet access via mobile data on your Android … Read more

What is com.android.server.telecom? How to Fix It! {2022}


com.android.server.telecom is a code service related to Android telecom server. But, what actually the term com.android.server.telecom mean? What is its work on Android phones? We will get to know everything about it in this article. So stay with us till the end. What is com.android.server.telecom? com.android.server.telecom is a code service responsible for sending and receiving … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Fix “Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy”?

cant take screenshot due to security policy

Are you someone trying to take a screenshot on your Android phone but every time it either comes out as a black picture or says “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” error message? If yes, then don’t worry because, in this article, we will know everything about it. Why it appears and how to … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Copy YouTube Channel Link? {2022}

Copy YouTube Channel Link

If you are one of the people wondering how to copy my YouTube channel link on Android, iPhone, or your desktop. then you are at the right place In this article, we will learn how you can copy the YouTube channel link on your Android/iPhone/desktop easily. -↓  Your YouTube channel is the home of your … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Delete Apps on Android Phone? {2022}

How To Delete Apps on Samsung

When it comes to installing apps and games on your Android phone, it is quite easy, you just go to Google Play Store, Search for the app, and then tap on the Install button to install it. Due to the easy installing process, sometimes you install a large number of apps on our Android phone … Read more