3 Easy Ways to Unlock an Android Phone Without Password?

How to Unlock an Android Phone Without Password

If you have forgotten your Android phone’s password and now wondering how you can unlock your Android phone. Then stick with us till the end because in this article you will learn how to unlock Android phone without password easily. Setting a password on a smartphone is very commonly done for securing the android smartphone’s … Read more

How to Turn off WiFi Calling on Android/iPhone? {2022}

how to turn off wifi calling

Wi-Fi calling is one of the excellent and new technology features in modern smartphones whether Android or iPhone. Where to make a call using your cellular network is no longer the only option, you can use WiFi calling and would be able to make calls through your WiFi network connection easily. Now, before we go … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Add Frame to Photos? (Android/iPhone)

How to Add a Frame to a Photo

There are thousands of ways to add a frame to your photos and make them beautiful. From Android and IOS apps to online tools, there are plenty of apps and software that will do the job for you. To make it easy for you, in this article, we will be looking at the complete guide … Read more

How to Enable MMS Messaging on Android/iPhone?

How to Enable MMS Messaging

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is based on the same technology as SMS. This feature not only allows you to send pictures, videos, audio files, and other files, it also allows you to send text messages that exceed the SMS limit of 160 characters. Both Android and iPhone devices have the option to enable or … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones? {2022}

How to hide apps on Samsung

Samsung has launched many new phones in the last two to three years. These smartphones not just come with new improved features but also changed UI interface for doing different tasks like new app icons, new app drawer, and much more. The new UI offers an app drawer by swiping your fingers upwards or downwards … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Create a Folder on Android Phone? {2022}

how to create a folder on android phone

There was a time when phones used to offer very few features. When, to make changes and organize the files on your phone, the computer was used. The mobile phone couldn’t do that on its own. But in today’s time, smartphones offer features like a computer. You can do almost everything with your phone for … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Video? Android/iPhone

How to Download YouTube Video on Android and iPhone

YouTube is currently the biggest platform where you can watch almost every type of content. Whether you want to learn something, watch movies, play music videos, or watch tons of other things, YouTube makes it possible for you with billions of videos to choose from. There are times when you watch a video on YouTube … Read more

How to Install Keylogger on Android Phone Without Root?

how to install keylogger on android

In this article, we will learn how you can install keylogger on your Android phone easily and why you should do that? In this online social media era where even small little kids are using social media platforms. As a parent, you may be worried about the fact that what your kids are doing on … Read more

What is Samsung Push Service? How to Disable it

What is Samsung Push Service, how to disable samsung push service

If you are a Samsung Galaxy phone or tab user, you might have heard of Samsung Push Service appearing on the notification bar at least once a day which some users find irritating. If you are wondering what is it? why it is on my phone? how you can disable it? then you are at … Read more