3 Easy Steps to Change AutoFill Information on iPhone? {2022}

How To Change AutoFill on iPhone

In this article, we will learn how you can easily change Autofill information on your iPhone. So stay with us till the end. The autofill information on your iPhone consists of your name, email address, phone numbers, username, passwords, etc. The AutoFill feature is available in IOS 12 and later. To change the Autofill on … Read more

2 Easy Ways to delete all Emails on your iPhone? {2022}

how to delete all emails on iphone

To delete all emails on your iPhone device in just no time is frustrating as there is no ‘Select All’ button where you can delete the trash at once. While, there is no direct way to delete all the emails on your iPhone but luckily, in this article, we will show a few tips which … Read more

What is com.android.vending? How to Fix It? {2022}


Before we jump to the fix for com.android.vending. Let’s first understand the term com android vending, what it means and why this error appears on your Android phone screen. What is com.android.vending? Com Android Vending is an installer name for Google’s Android platform where the syntax com.android.vending provides Android system the ‘source’ from which the … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Send Videos on Discord? {2022}

How to Send Videos on Discord

Discord lets you send videos on its platform but with size limitations. Its basic plan allows you to send videos with a maximum size limit of 8MB. However, you can upgrade to its ‘Nitro 50MB’ plan but still, that is very little compared to the size of HD videos. To bypass this limit, you can … Read more

4 Easy Ways to Fix Discord Update Failed Error? {2022}

Discord Update Failed

Discord is getting new features and bug fixes with updates. The update process is happening almost every time you open it. So, when a Discord update fails, there are many reasons for that. The most common reason for that is lack of internet connection or low internet speed. But, this can also happen because of … Read more

What is ChocoEUkor App? How to Remove it?

What is ChocoEukor App

If you are a Samsung or Mi Android phone user then you might have seen an app named “ChocoEUkor” or “ChocoEUkor Bloatware” pre-installed on your phone. And you may have wondered why it is here? what is its work on the phone? and the most rumored one, Does it steal my data? All your questions … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Send Large Files on WhatsApp? {2022}

How to Send Large Files on WhatsApp

There are times when you want to share urgent files through WhatsApp with your friends or office colleagues but they are very large in size. You might have noticed that WhatsApp only allows you to share up to 64MB of file sizes and any file greater in size than that can’t be sent. Though you … Read more

2 Easy Ways to Delete Apps on Android Phone? {2022}

How To Delete Apps on Samsung

When it comes to installing apps and games on your Android phone, it is quite easy, you just go to Google Play Store, Search for the app, and then tap on the Install button to install it. Due to the easy installing process, sometimes you install a large number of apps on our Android phone … Read more

How to Upload Video from Facebook to YouTube? {2022}

how to upload a video from Facebook to YouTube

If you have seen a video on Facebook and wondering how you can upload a video from Facebook to your YouTube channel then you are at the right place. Because in this article, we are going to learn how you can upload a video from Facebook to YouTube in a very simple and convenient way. … Read more