How to Get a Username on Instagram That is Taken?

Instagram is becoming an important social media platform for businesses. Marketing on Instagram is fun and highly profitable, you can let your creativity shine with the way you present your business on it.

The most important thing you need for your Instagram account is the Username. You may want a username that exactly matches your company name but is already taken by someone.

Today in this article we will look at the small and guaranteed tips you can implement to get a username on Instagram that is taken by someone else already.

1. Buy the Instagram Username

how to get instagram username that is taken

There is a market that sells Instagram usernames for money. The people of this market stalked millions of usernames early in which they found a future potential. At that time the usernames were not that popular but had the potential to be a future big brand name.

The popular Instagram username sellers are,, and many others.

You can directly buy the usernames from them. But the username you want for your business or personal use should be available for sale. It all depends on that. You can even contact

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2. Direct Message

You can directly message the user who is using the username you desire for your Instagram profile. You can even offer some money if you need it for your business. The thing is you should be able to convince him/her.

Also, make sure you ask them for the account and then change and replace their Phone number, email, etc with yours. Don’t ask them to delete their account, this may make the username deleted from Instagram but you won’t be able to take it as the username was taken before.


3. Choose a Similar Name with Numerics

This might be an obvious thing in everyone’s mind but it is very much useful. Even big celebrities use this for their Instagram profiles just to avoid hectic if their name is not available and it actually turns right for them. You can use your creativity by adding the underscores, numbers to give your Instagram username an attractive look.

That was all about how you can get a username that is already used by someone else. By following the steps we have discussed above you may get your desired Instagram username if it is already taken. If you liked our content do check out our other articles as well like:

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