How to Install Keylogger on Android Phone Without Root?

In this article, we will learn how you can install keylogger on your Android phone easily and why you should do that?

In this online social media era where even small little kids are using social media platforms. As a parent, you may be worried about the fact that what your kids are doing on the internet? what they are watching? who they are talking to?

As much as Social media is good, it can be dangerous too. The internet can get a dangerous place for kids as they are unaware of what they are doing. Our kids in today’s time are spending most of the time on it.

So, as a parent, you may want to keep your eye on your kid’s smartphone. Well, Keylogging is the way that will enable you to do that.

How to Install Keylogger on your Android Phone?

how to install keylogger on android phone

When you are searching for how to install Keylogger, it is totally based on the software you use. Some are easier to use than others, some are a little complex. This should minimum do the three things:

  1. Be 100% invisible, so you might not get caught.
  2. Remote viewing from anywhere.
  3. Simple to put in their Android smartphone.

The best one that you can install is “Hackers Keylogger 1.1”. You can download and install it on your android and start using it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Search for “Hackers Keylogger Apk” in Google and click on the first result that appears.
  2. Tap on Download > answer the survey questions > Tap on Download again. That’s it, the file will now start downloading.
  3. Now, install and configure the app on the smartphone of the person you want to keep your eye on.

You will now be able to see every activity that your kids, partner does on their smartphone, from typed messages, passwords to deleted messages, photos you can keep your eye on every activity.


If you are a parent who wants to control what children see on the smartphone then there are plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store which you can download.

You can download one of the apps and install it on your Android phone and then start tracking. Using the app you can filter websites, track screen time, block apps/games, Explicit content detection, and a lot more.

One of the best and award-winning app that will do the job is Parental Control App & Location Tracker by Wondershare. After you install it from Play Store on the android phone you want to track, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create an account on the app
  2. Just select the features you want like screen time, find my kids, block app/game/explicit content, filter websites, detect suspicious things and parental control!

That’s it, that was all about how you can install keylogger on your Android phone. We hope this article helped you with that. If you liked our content do check out our other articles too like:

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