Modem Vs Router? Differences, Functions & Features

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There are many people who have confusion between a Router and a Modem, some even feel they are the same devices due to their similar design and the features people mostly use from these two devices like internet connectivity.

But in reality that is not the case, modem and routers are two different devices with different working.

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With the technology moving at a fast pace, today modems and routers have also been made a single device that performs multiple tasks together, providing wifi, splitting the internet, and even does the work of a switch. But that doesn’t deny the fact that Modems and Routers are two different devices.

The Modem-Router combo does multiple tasks perfectly in a single device and users think they have the same working due to the principle feature of internet connectivity. They are completely different devices with different working. The fact they are made combined to one is to make a simplified device that provides both the features for users in a single package.

Moving on, below are some of the important points that show the differentiation between Modem Vs Router:

Modem Vs Router:


Modem Vs Router
  • The modem is a device that modulates and demodulates the signals between the devices. The Computer we have understands the digital signals and cannot assign the analog ones.
  • So here the Modem plays the role of a bridge by converting the digital signals of the computer to Analog ones and make it possible for signals to travel through cable lines.
  • In the same way, when an analog signal is received by Modem. The modem converts it into digital so the computer understands it and lets users see what they desire to on the internet.


Modem Vs Router
  • The Router has a separate work. Which is to route the signals coming from Modem and splitting them into multiple channels. So we could use the internet on all our devices separately without any interconnection. The devices could be smartphones, laptops, PS consoles, TV. Chromecast etc.
  • The Router’s main work is the make a clear split between the connections so the internet could be used separately by all the devices. This means all devices which are connected have their own network connection without any interlinking.
  • The Routers have a proper assigned IP to make a proper division of signals with respect to the devices. Routers are of two types, wireless and wired, while Modems can only be wired.

So above were some important and the only points that show the difference between Modem Vs Router. Now we will look at the comparison of Router Vs Switch:

Router Vs Switch:

Whenever there is a comparison between Modem vs Router, people also want to know how a Router is different from a Switch. So here we go with the comparison between a Router and a Switch.


Router Vs Switch
  1. Router is a WAN(wide area network) device which means it can be used to connect two or more networks.
  2. Routers can connect two or more networks and are also known as Inter-networking devices.
  3. Routers work on OSI model network which is a layer 3 based network so Routers are also called Layer 3 devices.
  4. Router for its working uses the routing table to store the IPs of devices.
  5. Routers usually have 2/4/8 ports


Router Vs Switch
  • Switch is a LAN(local area network) device that is used to connect two or more nodes in the same network. PCs, laptops, printers are examples of the same networking and follow LAN.
  • Switches can connect only one type of network so they are also known as Networking devices/Intra-networking devices.
  • Switches work on the OSI model data link layer which is layer 2 of the OSI model and are then called Layer 2 devices. (Note: there are special types of switches which are known as layer 3/multi-layer switches which we are not discussing here).
  • Switches use CAM(content accessible memory) for their working and store MAC information in it.
  • Switches usually have 8/16/24/48 ports

Broadcast Domain in Router Vs Switch:

Network switches have one broadcast domain. This means, any device connected to switches in the network if sends any broadcast message then it will be received by all the other devices connected in the network.

(if you have implemented VLAN then in that case all VLANs have different assigned ports in different broadcast domains).

While In Routers, every port has its own broadcast domain which means Router is a device that divides the broadcast domain and controls the traffic. So every port of Router has its own broadcast domain.

Main Difference Between Router & Switch:

One of the main differences between a Router and a Switch is that Router uses the IP address of devices and transfers data in the form of packets while Switches use the MAC address of devices and forwards the data in the form of frames through channels.


Routers are having a big disadvantage in terms of speed. Its speed is comparatively slow (10Mbps in wireless and 100 Mbps in wired) as compared to switches(10/100Mbps, 1Gbps).

The reason for that is the bigger bandwidth in LAN networks, the medium for connectivity used in WAN networks is usually provided by service providers with higher charges. So to make it affordable they cap the high speed which is much lower as compared to LAN

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