3 Easy Ways to Upload High Quality Videos on Instagram?

If you are wondering how to upload high quality videos to Instagram then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you how you can upload high quality videos on Instagram without losing quality. So, stay with us till the end.

Before we move to the method to upload high-quality videos on Instagram, let’s have a look at the benefits of having high-quality videos on your Instagram account/page and why even after uploading a high-quality video on Instagram it loses all the quality and get blurry after it is uploaded on the account/page.

*you can skip this and scroll directly to the ‘ways to upload high-quality videos to Instagram’ section below.

Benefits of Uploading High quality Videos on Instagram

Uploading High-quality videos on your Instagram not only makes your profile more professional but also makes your Instagram profile stand out from the rest.

While uploading attractive and beautiful images on your Instagram can attract more users to your Profile, videos can boost your campaign to the next level.

This is because, over the last few years, videos are gaining more attention and engagement than pictures because of Instagram’s own products like IGTV.

Video posts on your Instagram can be beneficial for both your branding as well as marketing businesses. The only condition here is that you have to compromise with the quality, Instagram’s algorithm compresses your videos to the point where they seem blurry when you upload them.

So, how can you maintain the quality of your videos on Instagram? Go through this article till the end to know.

Why Instagram ruins your Video Quality?

how to upload high quality videos to instagram

Whenever you post a video on your Instagram, Instagram compresses it to the smallest size possible. This is because Instagram has content of more than 1 billion users in its data center.

So, to manage, improve speed and save their data center’s storage space and bandwidth, Instagram compresses your HD videos and photos right at the uploading process and you have no way to stop Instagram from doing that.

While there is no way to not let Instagram compress your High-quality videos, however following a few careful steps can make a huge difference to your uploaded video’s quality and you will be able to upload high-quality videos on your Instagram account.

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How to Upload High Quality Videos to Instagram

There’s no way as of now that you can upload High quality videos to Instagram without facing any compression.

However, if you shoot or design your video, edit and compress it yourself and then follow some easy guidelines, you can very much improve the post upload video quality.

Here’re the steps you need to follow to upload high quality videos on Instagram:

1. Pre-Record a High Quality Video

Most Instagram videos that look blurry after uploading actually are of low-quality pre-upload. The higher quality your pre-upload video is, the better it will look after uploading it on Instagram.

  • Good Camera: You must record your videos with the best possible camera. If a good camera is available, You should shoot your videos with them and avoid using and mid-range smartphone’s camera.
  • Stabilization: Either you are using your Smartphone for recording or your Camera, You must use a tripod for stabilizing the quality and to avoid any blur.
  • Export it in the highest quality available: Always set the maximum quality available on your filming device(eg. 4K). Also while exporting, Export your video in the highest quality available(eg, 4K). So later, your video bears Instagram compressing without losing much quality.
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2. Where You Want to Upload your Video on Instagram (Post/Story/IGTV)?

There are three places where you can upload your video on Instagram. It is your choice where to upload it, for example, if you have shot a video longer than one minute and you want to show it only for 24 hours. Then you can upload it on the Instagram story where your video will disappear after 24 hours.

The condition is if you upload a video longer than 15 seconds, Instagram’s algorithm will split it into 15-second video parts.

The second place is the feed where you can upload your video up to 1 minute in length. Also, your video should be in the aspect ratio of 3;4 otherwise Instagram will automatically crop it into a 3:4 ratio and ruin it.

We have showcased a table of guidelines below in which you will get a clear idea of what resolution of videos Instagram doesn’t crop:

In-Feed VideosInstagram StoryIGTV
Max: 1080×1920
Min: 600×1067
Min: 720 Pixels
Aspect RatioSquare: 1:1
Horizontal: 1:9:1
Vertical: 4:5
Vertical: 9:16 / 4:5
Horizontal: 16:9
Vertical: 9:16
Horizontal: 16:9
Video LengthMax. 60 secondsMax. 15 secondsMax. 15 minutes(upload from Mobile)
Max. 60 minutes(from PC)
Frame RateMax. frame rate: 30fpsMax. 30fpsMin. 30fps
FormatMP4 or .MOVMP4 or .MOVMP4 only
File SizeMax. allowed: 4GBMax. allowed: 4GB650MB for 10 minutes video and
3.6GB for 60 minutes video

3. Edit the Existing Video to meet the Requirement

Now once you figured out where on Instagram you want to upload your high-quality video. It is time to edit your existing video and make it ready for upload.

You can use any good video editing software to edit it. We recommend using Aiseesoft video converter, it pretty well does the job. You can also use any other but the software must let you do the following things:

  • File Format Conversion: To make your video ready for upload on IGTV, in-feed post, and story, you should be able to change the file format to MP4. which is compatible on Instagram.
  • Aspect Ratio: Wherever you want to upload your video, It should fit the criteria of aspect ratio as per the table discussed above.
  • File Size: If you plan to upload a 10-minute video on IGTV then it shouldn’t exceed the limit of 650MB. So, make sure you compress your video while editing and keep the size below the limit.

4. Upload the High-quality Video to Instagram

Once you have successfully done the editing part yourself to satisfy all the requirements. Now your content is ready for upload.

All you need to do is upload it on your Instagram feed/story or IGTV with an attractive caption.

That’s it, that was all about how you can upload High-quality videos to your Instagram In-feed/Story or IGTV. We hope this article helped you with this query. If you still have any questions regarding this please do let us know in the comments.

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